Emmy’s Fashion 2013

Emmy’s Fashion Time! Unfortunately, I missed last night’s Emmy Awards show because I was attempting (and failing) to fly home from a wedding in Wisconsin.  The leading ladies of television wowed in gorgeous gowns of every color and style.  I absolutely love catching up the day after any awards show on all of the stars’ […]

Still Grieving Navy Yard

It’s a bit funny that I’m going to dedicate my first official post to a topic so controversial, but how can we ignore one of the biggest issues facing America today?  It seems like every other time I turn on the news or check cnn.com, updates of yet another mass shooting assault my eyes.  My […]


Hi Everyone!  I am so excited to launch this new blog about a Detroit girl living in DC.  I am here to give you my thoughts and tips on fashion, beauty, and life in general.  Because the number #1 rule about presentations is that no one could care less who you are, I won’t waste your […]