MTV. Why, America? Just Why.

An open letter to the producers of MTV:  (I don’t even know what “open letter” means, really, but I’m following Sinead’s lead) Apparently there’s something about Monday nights where I just feel like ripping into various aspects of American pop culture, and tonight my victim is the entire network MTV.  I wrote a real pen-to-paper […]

Miley or Malala: Who Do You Admire?

Today I write knowing full well that I am being a Krabby Patty.  I almost NEVER admit to being crabby, but sometimes things happen outside your control and they just piss. you. off!  A few minutes ago, while absentmindedly scrolling through my Twitter feed, my eyes encountered a tweet that I find both a) unnecessary […]

Adulthood & Why It Sucks

After spending a glorious 72 hours in the most magical land of all, East Lansing, facing Monday at work was like staring into the eyes of a beastly dragon that my mission was to slay.   Despite arriving home at a decent time last night – which I normally don’t have the sense to do […]

NYC – Fashion Mecca

Hi All!  Unfortunately, I’m a bit late for Fashion Week (trust me, I’m dying to go), but I did get to have my first adult NYC experience this past weekend! Both the men and the women of NYC were, of course, all beautiful.  It’s almost as if there’s something in the water that makes designing […]