Miley or Malala: Who Do You Admire?

Today I write knowing full well that I am being a Krabby Patty.  I almost NEVER admit to being crabby, but sometimes things happen outside your control and they just piss. you. off!  A few minutes ago, while absentmindedly scrolling through my Twitter feed, my eyes encountered a tweet that I find both a) unnecessary and b) dumb.  People Magazine tweeted a video of Selena Gomez, titled “Earlier: Selena Gomez falls on stage”  Now, it’s not like I’m a huge advocate of random celebrities (although Selena is probably my favorite of the former-Disney-girls clan), but honestly, WHY IS THIS NEWS?!  The worst part is that I, playing the classically uninformed and ignorant American (in all sincerity), watched the video.  I admit it, I stooped to the level of human that I am now dedicating a blog post to complain about, stopped what I was doing, and watched the damn video.  The poor girl, in the spotlight since she was really just a kid, fell about 2 inches off the stage during a concert in Virginia during her last number of the night.  2 inches.  Big whoop.

Seeing stories like this being regarded as “news” really drives me nuts sometimes.  Why can’t magazines be reporting about strong women who are making a difference in the world?  Women who have the finesse and flexibility to balance being a mother, wife, and successful professional with grace?  I’d rather read an interview with Malala Yousafzai who at just 15 years old was shot in the head by the Taliban by speaking out in favor of girls’ education… and lived to talk about it.  Talk about strength.


I know society will never cease to be amazed by the young and beautiful, and technology today has made it easier for fans to stay connected with celebrities in ways that are borderline creepy and obsessive.  When will the days arrive when women value truly powerful, smart women as role models; instead we are exposed every day to news about Miley Cyrus and her half-nude twerking and singing about drugs and alcohol to a pre-teen audience.  Why can’t we celebrate women who have accomplished more than being on a reality show, having great hair and paying for fake body parts?


I hope someday to be a role model for young women in a respectable way.  I hope to be remembered for my accomplishments, not a wardrobe malfunction.  I hope to leave a legacy of leadership and talent rather than a legacy of getting places because of my looks.  I hope that every woman who reads this will be inspired to never stop working hard, and remember what qualities are most admirable in others: bravery, generosity, kindness, passion, and mostly drive.  I challenge you to think of one woman who you admire and why – and also think about why she doesn’t receive the same notoriety and publicity as the Mileys of the world.

Here’s my example of the day: Angela Ahrendts.  She worked in a VERY girly industry, fashion, and as CEO, she “transformed Burberry from a faded British icon into a symbol of global luxury.”  She now has the opportunity to do the same for both the retail & online stores of Apple, CEO Tim Cook announced today.  She is truly someone I aspire to be.  Wish I could get an interview with her!



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