Eminem, My Boy!

Hi Everyone.

Here’s a post that is going to be short and to the point.

Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time.  YES I know I’m biased. YES I’m from Detroit. YES so is he.  But have you heard his new album?!  What I love about Eminem is that as he’s gotten older, his music has evolved.  At first he was just some dumb punk kid who rapped about which celebrity Christina Aguilera “hooked up with” first.  Since, he’s written so much about his personal life, his family and struggles with drugs, who he wants to be.  Speaking as a writer, I can identify with how his style has changed and how much he has grown with his music. I really love it.

I think his new album MMLP2 is awesome because it’s got the best of the best – his insane wordplay and rhymes + deeper content.  He’s got the great “The Real Slim Shady” beats and plays on words, but the depth of “Mockingbird” and “Not Afraid.”

Eminem is and will continue to be my favorite artist in the hip hop game.  Everyone else is rapping about doing drugs, sex with women and having a ton of money; I’d much rather listen to someone rap about overcoming their obstacles and how their daughter helped clean them up.  It’s inspiring and a much better message than most of the other crap out there these days.  Plus you can’t deny the awesome beats on “The Monster.” – favorite song off the new LP (who doesn’t love Rihanna?!).  Love you, Em!!



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