Co-Ed Frats FTW

It seems that everything is condensed into lists recently.  “25 Things Every TwentySomething Should Know How to Do”, “15 Things To Never Say”, “8 Ways to Win Your Crush’s Heart”, etc. etc. etc…. pardon my pun, but the list goes on.  At first these lists are cute and fun and simplified quite well on the website Buzzfeed, but they’ve grown increasingly obnoxious.  So… I am going to avoid the list I intended to create for this post, and instead I’m just going to write my feelings.  Here goes.

I was in a co-ed professional business fraternity in college.  Sophomore year was when I joined, after a first year full of confusion, loneliness, and a loss of what to do with my time.  I don’t think I ever had more fun in college than the semester I pledged the frat; I instantly made so many new, amazing friends and had some of THE very best times of my life.  College is the time for you to explore, try different things, and see what types of people you’re compatible with.  And boy, did I test things out that year.  This was the only year I was single in college and I don’t regret one choice I made that year.  I dated around; I was free and didn’t have to answer to anyone and loved my independence… and there were plenty of available guys in my fraternity.  At the same time, I was hanging out with hilarious girls who were so genuine and truly loyal, the best kind of people to surround yourself with.  The most astounding part of the whole fraternity experience is that sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself that it was all real.  The people I met were real.  The places we went were real.  The tears I cried, the love I felt, the laughter we shared… the memories – they’re all real.  As I grew into the fraternity, I knew I wanted to take on additional roles and gain some leadership experience not only to make myself more attractive to future employers but also because I wanted to challenge myself.  I wasn’t content just sitting on the sidelines and letting my peers make decisions about the future of the frat, without sharing my opinion.  This fraternity gave me the tools I needed to succeed both professionally and socially.  As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a better kept secret on MSU’s campus.  I’m a firm believer in the saying “You get what you put into it” — my college fraternity is a prime example.  This experience taught me so much and I wouldn’t trade one second in the fraternity for anything else.



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