Oscars Fashion Recap

The dresses worn by Hollywood’s finest this year at the Academy Awards were beautiful.  Everyone from first-time Lupita Nyong’o to most-nominated-ever Meryl Streep expressed her style with grace and poise; there were a whole bunch of hits and very few misses last night in my opinion.  Below are my top three favorite dresses from the Oscars last night.

Lupita Nyong’o


The girl looks amazing.  Her girly, Cinderella-esque dress complements her slender figure and short hair quite well.  Her studded earrings were so badass and gave a nice juxtaposition against her baby blue, pretty dress.  The headband was such a great way for her to jazz up her simple hairdo in an unexpected way.  A+ job girl!


Kerry Washington


This mom-to-be is killing it with her pregnancy style.  The purple complements her lighter skin tone perfectly, and the cut of the dress shows off her baby bump without being skin-tight.  Her simple jewels look fabulous, the slit is the absolute perfect length, but what I love most about this look is the dark lip and matching nails!  I actually bought a similar lip color this weekend and am so excited to try it out.  I got the idea from Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2014 Show in NYC a few weeks ago.  (See the pic from LaurenConrad.com here)


Charlize Theron



Um, hi, could there be someone who looks any more perfect?  Charlize is absolutely stunning in this black Dior number.  It fits her curves perfectly and accentuates her amazing body.  The dangling necklace goes perfectly with the plunging neckline and doesn’t distract from the beautiful shape of the neckline and straps.  Usually I’m not a huge fan of black at an awards show, but this look couldn’t be more perfect!





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