Here Goes Nothing

She stands right here and looks in the mirror
Her heart thumps from both pleasure and fear
The sound grows louder with each step he takes nearer

Her skin’s ablaze and goosebumps raise
She licks her lips the most sensual way
His kiss makes her dizzy, clouds her head with haze

Tonight is the night this boy turns into a man
He unzips her dress as slow as he can stand
His pants swell at just the brush of her hand

She can’t stand it, she needs him right here and right now
Can’t handle the yearning, she doesn’t know how
He’ll have her, he needs her, he wants her, he vows

As they lay on the bed, really just kids
Confusing love with whatever this is
Pawing and rubbing until everything fits

In the moment, this is all they have
Two of a whole, each a separate half
“I love you” each whispers with the hint of a laugh


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