Review: Defending Jacob

Hi friends,
Sorry I haven’t been around lately! This summer has been packed with fun trips and visitors, so I’ve barely had time to think let alone read a whole book. Today I want to review the book “Defending Jacob” by William Landay.

11367726If you haven’t yet read it, I recommend you buy it cheap on Amazon here, or at least put it on your hold list to read from your library.  It’s the tale of an Assistant District Attorney and his son who is on trial for murdering a classmate.  Not only was the book suspenseful and thrilling, it was also very educational.  I learned so much more about how the American justice system works from this book than from any of the copious amounts of Law & Order I’ve been watching since I was tiny.  In fact – it made me consider law school for the first time ever!

Anyway, this plot is so well put together.  There are twists and turns throughout, right until the very end.  My favorite part is when the prosecution is interviews the main character; the court transcripts are throughout the novel.

The only drawback with this novel is the sheer stubbornness of the main character; he is so adamant that his son is innocent, that he does not stop to consider any other possibility.  I realize this is a character flaw and Landay wrote him to be that way, but I had to put the book down for a couple hours sometimes because he was so annoyingly stubborn!

All in all, it’s a very good read and I recommend every single one of you read it! 🙂




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