Golden Globes Fashion

Hi All,

Haven’t spoken much in a while – my apologies.  I spent the past few months reconsidering my blog and weighing my option to rebrand and start fresh, but my only conclusion was that I overanalyze the smallest, most mundane things. At the end of the day, why lose all the beautiful content I’ve already written?  Seemed dumb in my opinion.  Hope you agree 🙂

Tonight, I want to talk about the fashion I loved from last night’s Golden Globe Awards.  The gentlemen looked handsome – my boyfriend even said he wanted Adam Levine’s suit and I didn’t know he could even tell the difference between Joseph A. Bank and Dior!

Cinema’s leading ladies turned heads and dazzled in beautiful gowns and jewelry at the show, making the normal women of America very, very jealous.  Below are my favorite three looks of the evening.

3. Reese Witherspoon

Reese stunned in a beautiful, sparkly silver gown by Calvin Klein.  The sweetheart neckline looks very regal with her sideswept hair and I love the one thick bangle bracelet.  Minimalism and simplicity are definitely my style – so I am loving this look!



2. Emily Blunt

This dress just looks so effortless on Emily.  The crossed top is beautiful and highlights her feminine side, while the long, full skirt complements the more revealing top very well.  Not to mention, white is a beautiful color on Emily and Michael Kors is one of my favorites.



1. Kate Beckinsale

This has to be my favorite look of the evening – and I think reason #1 is because I can actually see myself wearing this dress.  Kate is gorgeous in the Elie Saab number, a Lebanese designer who has dressed tons of royals and celebrities alike.  I absolutely love the mix of sparkles with shine, and everything from her accessories to her hair to her nails work so perfectly with the gown.  Two thumbs up for this beauty!



Honorable Mention: Naomi Watts’ Bulgari necklace and Chrissy Tiegen (she gets a DQ because she is always flawless and it’s not fair)

Do you agree with my picks?  Any others that I missed?  Let me know!




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