5 Tips to Avoid an Embarrassing Resume

In my line of work, I happen to look at a pretty large number of resumes on a frequent basis. I’ve seen hundreds, learned the ins and outs, and decide almost immediately if someone is worth contacting – solely based on the visual appeal of their resume. However, you don’t have to be a graphic […]

New Orleans: January 2015

Hello beautiful people, I spent this past weekend in The Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Here are some photos of our adventure – enjoy! [Bourbon Street]  [Canal Street] [not quite sure Road by the French Market] And my favorite photo from the weekend, which very accurately shows how soulful and vibrant the city is: xoxo […]

Golden Globes Fashion

Hi All, Haven’t spoken much in a while – my apologies.  I spent the past few months reconsidering my blog and weighing my option to rebrand and start fresh, but my only conclusion was that I overanalyze the smallest, most mundane things. At the end of the day, why lose all the beautiful content I’ve already written?  Seemed […]

Ice Bucket Challenge

If you have a Facebook account, there’s no doubt you’ve seen plenty of short videos popping up where crazy people are dumping buckets of freezing cold ice water over their heads, and then call out a few friends to do the same.  Some of you may know that this is in support of the ALS […]

#YesAllWomen and #NotAllWomen and #NotAllMen

#YesAllWomen has been trending on Twitter the past few days.  Intrigued by its origin, while I was ‘working’ yesterday, I took the time to read about the hashtag and articles claiming it both asinine and powerful.  As always, I feel the truth is somewhere in the middle. First things first: no one should ever speak on […]